Ten reasons why Israel successfully defeated the pandemic

A few days ago, Israel began to lift some restrictions after reporting a large decline in cases of infection. Here are some of the reasons for their achievement.

The faith factor is one of the most important factors for the Israelis, and one that can be said to have largely helped them out of this difficult situation.

Now the Israelis are taking to the streets again in large numbers. Car traffic has resumed, schools, shops and gyms are opening.

There were some restrictions that limited the number of people in the closed areas, and face masks were required by law.

While it is true that the number of deaths in this nation is under 300, and that over 50% of those infected have recovered, there are factors that led to this goal.

Israel knows how to stop the existential danger

As a country that has gone through different situations throughout its history, it knows how to react to danger.

Its security forces and companies have learned to fight against past attacks, and a virus like this simply represents a new danger, but at the same time a new playing field.

Israel has strong national leadership

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel´s prime minister

Their government is centralized. So when the pandemic broke out, the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, knew how to react to the threat.

Israel has secure borders

Unlike many other developed nations, Israel does not have so many  entry ports. So at the beginning of the crisis, flights were restricted, preventing Coronavirus carriers from entering the country.

It has a high level medical system

This nation is known for its perfect health care. Therefore, when Covid-19 arrived, they established “Coronavirus rooms” and treated those infected.

Photo of the Israeli Army.

Agility of the army

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) acted quickly and imported testing equipment, fans, hazmat suits, face masks, gloves, chloroquine and other supplies.

Israelis know how to protect themselves

They have been in dangerous situations before, and during the pandemic crisis what they did was follow the requirements imposed to be safe.

The nation’s industries know how to adapt

Since most high-tech workers are IDF graduates, the same agility present in the military moves to the private sector.

They reacted quickly and efficiently, maneuvering military skills and medical innovation to fight the new battle.

They know how to clean up the mess

Medical supplies for the Israeli nation.

Since its foundation as a modern country, they have gone through some traumatic moments, but when it is all over, they look for ways to clean up the mess, and this is literally what they did with the Coronavirus.

Israelis don’t like to be taken advantage of

As the Israelis see the number of those infected decrease and their risk of contracting the virus decreases, they will be ready to return to normal.

If they feel that they are being taken advantage of, they are notoriously less willing to adhere to the rules.

The “miracle” factor

Certainly, this country is known for its way of acting in the face of danger, but also for its strong attachment to faith.

In the fundamental Jewish expression of faith, they say, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one”.

Although many nations tend, in different ways, to come out of crises and problems, Israel has the capacity to do so but with “divine help”.

This is something that characterizes them in a great way, and it is that it has been evidenced that the hand of God is upon this nation and his support makes clear the greatness of his power.

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