Sudanese government eliminates biblical teachings for children and forces them to convert to Islam

Authorities in Sudan omitted Christian teaching in their country’s schools, further aggravating the present situation.

Sudanese children being taught in makeshift schools.

According to local sources, school classes were omitted during transmission on a local television channel in Khartioum state.

Influence against Christians

The hypothesis behind this is that parents of Islamic faith influenced the cessation of Christian teaching on the television plant, they are involved in the planning of the state Ministry of Education.

Within the authorities there is only one Christian member, Raja Nicola Eissa Abdel-Masih, she will oversee the inconveniences regarding the teachings, and that the board in charge was trying to solve the problem.

“I was in communication with the undersecretary of the Ministry of Education about the elimination of Christianity from the Basic School Certificate course program by 2020,” Abdel-Masih said.

Raja is a Christian and has served as a judge in Sudan’s Ministry of Justice for a long time, she is currently a member of the state’s Sovereignty Council.

Forced conversions

On the other hand, the forced conversion of Christian students to Islam by seeing classes of this religious belief is denounced through committees of Christian churches.

“Unfortunately, this is what is happening. Most Christian students apply to learn the Islamic religion just to get the certificate. But they end up being victims of Islamization,” said Yahia Abdelrahim Nalu, pastor of the Prebisterian Church of Sudan.

The same authorities of the country have made decisions that affect the faith of many in Sudan, for example, they declared Sunday a “Day of Recreation” without taking into account that it is a day of worship to the Lord.

In this country, the Islamic culture is the only one recognized by the authorities, who demolished and destroyed all kinds of Christian places and objects in the nation since 2011.

It is ranked number 7 on the list of countries persecuted by Christianity in Open Doors.

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