SUCCESS! Israel uses plasma-based vaccine in Covid-19 patients with excellent results

Classified as a novel treatment, Israeli doctors are using a kind of plasma concentrated in infected people with Covid-19, reports show excellent results.

Doctors who are using this method highlight the achievements.

At the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, a young woman who has several risky medical conditions due to the Coronavirus was the first person to receive this concentrated treatment of antibodies developed from the plasma of patients recovered by the same virus.

Together with the Kamada biopharmaceutical, this type of combination supposes an excellent result in its use, registering improvements in her condition.

“The patient reacted positively and began to improve hemodynamically. We have our fingers crossed for the successful treatment of this patient, ”said Zeev Rotstein, director of the medical center.

Making the difference

This makes the difference from vaccines that already exist based on weak versions of the same virus; The new version is based on passive immunization that provides antibodies from recovered patients.

About 40 liters of recovered plasma were collected at Hadassah hospital, with which they covered 70 patients; This achievement is due to the intense campaign in Orthodox communities that recorded high levels in cases in recent months.

The director Rotstein affirmed that this novel treatment is applied to those patients who present a serious problem of health and who need reinforcements to fight the virus, but at the same time is used in recent infections in large risky populations, preventing Covid-19 can develop in organisms.

Both organizations working together for this achievement already have two of their products fully approved by the FDA, a major US healthcare institution.

Due to the results obtained with treatments of this type, other patients show improvements when using this type of procedure based on frozen plasma.


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