Students are Mentally Tortured and Beaten With Whip for Being Christians


The psychological impact of abuse received by children at school cannot be overstated. Many interviewees told CSW of the ‘mental torture’ they have suffered as a result of religious discrimination and intolerance in educational settings. Rejected by their peers and teachers, this suffering can have lasting consequences,” the report states.

Christian children face at school in several countries, from being forcibly converted to other faiths to being beaten and humiliated by teachers for daring to speak out.

The students were apparently told by teachers to use the hallway as a toilet rather than be allowed to go to the bathroom.

When one girl, named Grace, complained and said that she was “tired of this rubbish,” a teacher reported her to the principal.

“Grace was taken from the room, beaten with a whip made of animal hide, and her hair was shaved off. The others were called to see what had happened to her, and told, ‘You heard what Grace said? She will find out what ‘rubbish’ really means on Monday, when the results of the investigation come out. Anyone who insults God, either their throats will be cut or they’ll be burnt to death, or they’ll be expelled from school,'” the report describes.

The Christian students, facing severe death threats, broke out of the school and managed to flee, never to return.

“Faith and a Future” features a list of recommendations for United Nations member states, calling for “full ratification and implementation of relevant international treaties embedding the right to education and the right to freedom of religion or belief.”

It also asks for governments to enforce legislation prohibiting discriminatory practices, and for proactive efforts in addressing intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief, among other points.

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