Student creates request mailbox with her locker to pray for her schoolmates

An american teenager turned her locker into a prayer request box, in order to be able to sow a cry in favor of those who need it.
He turned his locker into a prayer request box.
He turned his locker into a prayer request box.

Sixteen-years-old Brianna Farris, a student at Pell City High School in Alabama, expressed that she can help with prayers for anyone who wishes to file a petition before God, if they leave a note in the mailbox with the case.

“I felt I needed to do this,” Brianna told Fox & Friends. “I felt that our school needed this and felt that something was driving me to do this, so I did it,” she told Fox & Friends.
This mailbox created by her is outside her locker, and the requests of her classmates can be anonymous. She takes them, reads them and prays for them every night.

Immediately, the girl received prayer requests from her classmates for their mothers, help to pass exams, God’s support for the soccer team or for a friend to get a job.

Although the results are positive, Brianna was always prepared for all kinds of reactions, “Before starting, my director said: “Now I will warn you: you can receive bad letters or something like that.” And I’m like, “This will benefit other people more than hurting me, so I’ll move on,” she said.

“And I received some bad letters. I only pray for the people who put their comments there,” she said.

With Trump’s new measures to protect the right of students to pray in schools, this initiative by Brianna is perfect for everyone and anyone who lives daily life in this Alabama school.

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“I think students and teachers will respect each other more,” she said to conclude.


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