Starbucks creates campaign to finance sex change surgeries for children and youth

Under the motto #WhatsYourName Starbucks began a new “charity” campaign for people who want to have a sex change.

In the United Kingdom, the company is starting an LGBT pride campaign to “help” young people who want to get a gender transition.

Starbucks logo became a homosexual symbol

With this campaign, Starbucks expresses that it supports gender changes and somehow seeks to “sponsor them” for a “warm welcome,” expressed in a statement.

To get this idea, they would be using the name of the person who wants to receive the treatment and placing it in a cup so that the chain users can help with “the cause.”

There is a lot of importance for transgender and diverse people when they use their new name in public. It is a symbol of our warm welcome. It is part of the Starbucks Experience and creates a moment of connection between our baristas and clients, ”he agreed in the text.

They promote false ideas that confuse young minds

The mermaid cookie

Also, to attract more people, they launched the commercial to promote the “acceptance” of transgender youth.

In the video, you can see a girl who does not want people to call her by her name “Jemma”. Instead, she wants people to call her “James”. When buying coffee at Starbucks, she gets the name “James”  written on the cup, and it is then when she smiles.

The commercial’s inspiration came from people whose experiences are similar to this case in which they affirm finding “a shelter in those places that they accept them with their new name” referring to the chain.

We were moved to discover that people find in our stores a safe place to try their new names during the transition,” says associate producer Iris.

Besides this, the store sells some mermaid tail cookies to raise funds. This will finance the LGBT people’s surgeries. They hope to obtain $ 130,000.

The sirens have seen an increase of more than 600% in the demand for their helpline service over the past five years, and our support will help grow this service, allowing the charitable organization to employ a helpline operator additional and extend your online chat service, ” Starbucks says.

This is a kind of “fantasy” for them. The brand’s characteristic logo, which, due to LGBT support, became “rainbow”, became an influential factor in the English culture.


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