Spain turns the largest ice rink in the capital into “the great morgue”

The Ice Palace in Madrid has become “the great morgue” of the capital after the collapse of the funeral homes. The space will store the corpses of those killed by coronavirus due to the impossibility of incinerating them in the scheduled time.

The Ice Palace in Madrid, turns into a great morgue due to the collapse of hospitals and funeral homes with corpses of those killed by Covid-19

It is the largest ice rink in the city, about 1,800 square meters. People often use it to spend leisure time and also to make championship activities.

The ice rink, that always keeps a temperature of zero degrees, will funtion as a deposit.

The authorities of the Community of Madrid and members of the Emergency Military Unit (EMU) had to close municipal funeral homes due to the “lack of suits and masks.” The bodies, according to municipal sources, are piled up in public hospitals and in private homes.

The announcement was made in parallel to the letter that the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, sent to the Pedro Sánchez Government due to the impossibility of collecting more deaths at the municipal Funeral Home becuase it collapsed at a rate of 150 deaths per day.

«A complicated and painful decision»

The ice rink, they explain, has the necessary conditions to function as a morgue. “This is a temporary and extraordinary measure aimed, fundamentally, at mitigating the pain of the victims’ families and the situation registered in Madrid hospitals,” they indicate from the Community of Madrid.

Martínez-Almeida said on Tuesday that turning the Ice Palace into a morgue has been “a complicated and painful decision”, but that “unfortunately it is necessary.”

It was the space that from the technical point of view best adapted to the demands of the moment,” he said in an interview on Spanish public television.

In this giant refrigerator, the bodies of the deceased “will be in contact with the ice and will wait to be buried or cremated.”

It is an ideal place to pile corpses. I speak logically of the conditions of the site. Here you can avoid decomposition for as many days as necessary, ” said Martínez-Almeida.


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Spain exceeds 2,600 dead and registers 6,500 infected in 24 hours

Spain is the second country after Italy in terms of the severity of the pandemic in Europe; In the last 24 hours there have been 514 deaths from Covid-19.

The Spanish authorities gave this Tuesday a report of the epidemic in the country. According to some sources, the nation registers a total of 2,696 deaths, and 39,673 positive cases.

However, it is important to mention that there is a possitive number of 3,794 recovered patients.

The most serious situation continues to be in the Community of Madrid. In the last few hours there is speculation that it will replace Lombardy, in Italy; it means that it may become in the main active focus of the epidemic worldwide.

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