Shocking! Deceased pregnant woman gives birth inside coffin


Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi, 33, was in the ninth month of pregnancy. Ten days after her death they found the little boy inside the coffin.

The phenomenon known as “cofin birth,” is medically known as post mortem foetal extrusion.

A strange event took place in South Africa. Employees of a funeral home found a baby inside the coffin of a pregnant woman who had died 10 days before.

The 33-year-old woman, Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi, died suddenly, after complaining of lack of air. She was originally from Mthayisi, a town located in the southern province of the Eastern Cape. Inside her coffin, they found the body of the newborn beside her.

The young woman was going through her ninth month of pregnancy when she died. Her body was delivered to a barn for her  funeral. However, the day before it was celebrated, and 10 days after the death, the staff noticed that a dead baby had appeared between the legs of the corpse.

The funeral home’s owner, Lindokuhle Makalana, said they were scared and confused by what happened. He added: ‘I’ve been working here for over 20 years and I’ve never heard anything like it, we did not have time to check the sex of the baby.’

Doctors, cited by local newspapers, explained that the birth could have occurred after the contraction and relaxation of the muscles after the death of the girl. Or even, the buildup of bacteria could have caused the creature’s expulsion.

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