Shocking! 5-year-old girl was sexually abused in transgender school bathroom


A mother described with details the sexual agression suffered by her 5-year-old daughter inside her school’s “neutral gender” bathroom. The abuse occurred about a year after the school implemented a policy of transgender people. Pasha Thomas, who lives in the State  of Georgia, shared his story in a video released by the legal NGO Alliance Defending Freedom.

Shocking! 5-year-old girl was sexually abused in transgender school’s bathroom

“My daughter asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher said yes. She was already leaving when one of her classmates came in. The boy stopped her and when she asked him to stop, he tried to stick his fingers into her private parts. She implored him to stop, saying several times that it hurt. But he refused,” said the mother.

The two ended up returning to the classroom, but the girl, ashamed, did not have the courage to tell what happened to anyone. Only at home did she manage to let off steam.

ADF knows that the school implemented a policy in 2016 that allows students who identify themselves as the opposite sex to use toilets, changing rooms and showers that correspond to their gender identity rather than their biological sex. In other words, boys who identify themselves as girls can enter places that were previously only for the female sex.

The decision followed a national project of the Barack Obama administration and that change was implemented without the knowledge of the students’ parents. When they found out, some of them expressed their concern, but the complaints were ignored by the district schools.

Since the attack on her daughter, Pasca Thomas waged a legal battle with the daughter’s former school. She says her complaint was ignored and that according to the school, the transgender bathroom policy would not be reversed. The responsibles for Decatur schools tried to throw the blame on the girl, going so far as to ask the Guardianship Council to investigate her family.

“What happened to her left me devastated. I felt very angry, I feel betrayed. When I left my little girl at school I never thought she would be sexually assaulted in the bathroom by a boy,” she lamented.

Now that the Donald Trump government has attempted a reversal of its predecessor’s actions, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights will finally investigate the ADF complaint.

“That tragic situation could have been avoided,” notes Christiana Holcomb, ADF legal advisor, “Schools have a duty to protect the privacy and security of all students … The situation in many schools shows that these transgender bathroom policies do not work. In the end, schools do not offer privacy, nor do they guarantee the safety of all students.

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