She is almost 100 years old and has read her Bible more than 60 times, “God always reveals something new to me”

For a great achievement, a 99-year-old woman will read her Bible again after having done it for more than 60 times. She affirms God always reveals something new to her every time she reads the Bible.

People call her “Miss Helen”. She has read the Bible since World War II, and despite she went through her worst moments she did not stop.

She is an example to follow, Mrs. Helen, inspires others at Station Hill Church in Tennessee, according to her pastor Jay Strother.

Reading the Bible is part of a challenge and Miss Helen is going to participate. The technique was implemented in her church. Helen says that God reveals new things to her every time she starts reading the Scriptures.

Miss Helen, why do you keep doing this?” Strother asked Helen.

She replied: «God always shows me something new. You think you have heard these stories, but every time I read or hear the Scriptures, I get something new.

The pastor celebrates Helen’s behavior. He talks about certain characteristics of the lady when reading.

«She can read the entire Bible aloud in approximately 72 hours. It’s only a little longer than people usually watch TV,” Strother said.

Seeing that Mrs. Helen signed up again to read the Bible, more than 550 people were motivated to try the challenge.

I love the idea that our elders can show us how to set that example,” Pastor Jay concluded in a small interview with Christian Headlines.

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