Selena Gomez preaches God to Jennifer Lopez in concert


In Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez made public that God spoke to her through a message that actress Selena Gomez sent her through the private messaging of Instagram’s social network.

Selena Gomez preaches God to Jennifer Lopez in concert

After seeing Lopez in concert on Saturday night, Gomez, 26, gushed in an Instagram message to the singer, “I wanted to tell you how much you inspired me tonight!!! I haven’t felt that free in my entire life … I just want to tell you how amazing God thinks you are. He was speaking to me through your show tonight!! Like made me feel like such a woman!!”

To this, Jennifer responded to Gomez in her Instagram stories with ‘I love you @SelenaGomez’ and an emoticon of some hands together in prayer.

In her life, Lopez was raised under Catholicism but was not prevented from having contact with other religions, in the end she chose to be Catholic. When in 2010, Jennifer became pregnant with her twins, she told a magazine that she made the decision to leave the entire in-vitro fertilization process and her pregnancy in the hands of God, surrendering her faith to Him.

selena-gomez-dm-jennifer-lopez‘I believe in God and all my faith is in him,’ said the singer.

For her part, Selena Gomez is well known for sharing her faith with her audience, she is one of the many celebrities that attend Hillsong Church. In a lecture, Gomez talked about the pressures she was repeatedly exposed for being famous, she also overcame a strong process with her Lupus disease and confessed that fame was only an impulse to fulfill her purpose.

“You will learn that your true identity is to be loved and chosen, as the Daughter of God,” those were Selena’s words during a conference at Hillsong Church. Her words have been a strong inspiration for everyone who follows her.

“Selena, you’re enough! Not because you try hard; not because you love with all your heart and put on the best face, not because of the success you’ve achieved, and not because others say you’re enough, you’re enough because you’re the daughter of God who loved you from the beginning. You are enough because His Grace has Saved and Covered You’, these have been the most important statements of the artist.


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