Scientific proof shows “speaking in tongues” is a spiritual gift and not a mental practice

Dr. Andrew Newberg is a neuroscientist who works with neurotheology (the connection between the brain and spiritual experiences).

In one of his studies, he came up with surprising findings that affirm that “speaking in tongues” is truly a spiritual gift and not a mental practice.

In 2008, Newberg´s study found out that speaking in tongues is not a natural language.

For the study, researchers invited a group of participants to monitor their brain activity while they were speaking in tongues.

The idea was to see which parts of the brain active while speaking for giving the medical researchers scientific insight during this spiritual phenomenon.

His study determined that speaking in tongues is not a natural language. Newberg said to ABC News, “It’s not language; it’s not a regular language at least that would normally activate the frontal lobe of the brain.”

Here is what happens to the brain while “speaking in tongues.”

Dr. Newberg affirmed, “when test subjects prayed in their native language, their brain activity indicated normal behavior for speech in the frontal lobe. However, when the same test subjects prayed in tongues, their brain activity showed something extremely different.

The test subject’s scan showed that the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that controls language, activated when he prayed in English. But for the most part, it fell quiet when he prayed in tongues”.

“When they are actually engaged in this whole very intense spiritual practice for them, their frontal lobes tend to go down in activity, but I think it’s very consistent with the kind of experience that they have because they say that they are not in charge, it’s the voice of God, the Spirit of God that’s moving through them”. He added.


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