Satanists claim they work against Trump and Christians in government


US President Donald Trump  remains one of the most controversial political figures to this day. Despite this, evangelical Christians have expressed support for him and his conservative policies.

President Trump has also been targeted by witch spells in the US

But on the other side, the US Satanic Temple has publicly taken up its efforts to challenge evangelicals and their positive relationship with the Trump government.

‘We are definitely a resistance movement,’ said spokesman and co-founder Lucien Greaves, following a speech outside the University of Colorado at Boulder. ‘We are in complete opposition to this idea that we should unite under one religious banner.’

Lucien also highlighted the repudiation of the Satanic Temple to the presence of Christians serving in the Trump government, as is the case with Vice President Mike Pence. ‘We are at the forefront of some of these battles against theocratic usurpation, especially with such characters as Mike Pence holding such a high office,’ he added.

Since the election, the Satanic Temple has launched several campaigns designed to defy Christian influence in the political sphere. One example is the creation of the After School Satan Clubs for children and adolescents.

It’s all in an effort to fight against ‘evangelical nationalism’ and ‘theocratic right,’ according to Greaves. ‘They are taking over public office and overthrowing Liberal Democracy,’ he said in an interview.

Ultimately, the group is focused on exalting and promoting rebellion. They claim that they do not even worship Satan or believe that he is a personal being. Instead, they focus on rebelling against ‘tyrannical’ authority, secularism, and theism.

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