Satanist burns holy icon and leaves a devil picture on the altar


A man tried to burn a sacred icon in a Catholic church and left a picture of the devil in its place, said a representative of St. Mary’s in Norfolk, England.

According to the images of the cameras, on Tuesday a man dressed in black entered a church, approached the altar to set fire to an icon showing the crucified Christ. In place of the Christ he left an image of Baphomet, a well-known representation of a figure half man, half goat.

Norfolk police make the inquiries, they find the incident a ‘hate crime.’ The head of the temple, Bishop Anthony Nwankwo, said: ‘I was shocked and saddened when I discovered what had happened. When I looked at the altar, I saw this satanic image. It is a clear attack on the church and our religion that is not acceptable. ‘

The parson said that the church had been desecrated four months ago in a similar way, someone left a satanic drawing at the foot of a cross.

Alan Hopes, the local bishop, said the church will remain open. ‘Whoever did this needs to know that he is already forgiven, because that is what Christians do.’

Police have the pictures of the cameras, but still can not identify the author of the vandalism.

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