Russia will present its anti-coronavirus drug to Latin America this July 10

The Russian Embassy in Guatemala recently announced that this July 10, the Avifavir will be presented in a video conference in order to “begin negotiations” for its supply to the entire region.

Russia will present its medicine against Coronavirus this July 10

According to the information provided by the RT portal, a major drug against Coronavirus will be presented on July 10 for Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is courtesy of the Russian Embassy in Guatemala together with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI).

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So far, a significant number of 800 people have registered for the event.

It has been noted that representatives from “all supranational parliaments in the region”, as well as from specialized agencies and committees, are invited to participate in the conference.

A large presence of representatives from countries such as Chile, Colombia and Bolivia is expected.

The same applies to the Central American Parliament, the Andean Parliament, the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament and the Mercosur Parliament.

It is necessary to clarify that at the moment, there is no official information for the acquisition of the Russian medicine.

However, it is believed that after the videoconference “negotiations on the supply of Avifavir to Latin America and the Caribbean can begin”.

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Sobre la medicina

Avifavir is the first drug in the world that is believed to have the ability to combat Covid-19.

It was approved by the Russian Ministry of Health on May 29th, and it is based on the drug of international denomination Favipiravir.

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce has already received requests for Avifavir from Latin American countries, as well as from Europe and Southeast Asia.

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