Rock star’s new life through Jesus gives hope to others

The famous singer and rock star Alice Cooper has had an interview with the Pastor Greg Laurie. The pastor interviewed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member at Cooper’s Solid Rock teen center; it is a non-profit, faith-based organization in Phoenix founded in 1995 to help troubled teens.

Rock star’s new life through Jesus gives hope to others

During the interview, he tells the Pastor that he’s also a Christian who wants to help teens in the name of Jesus. “We’re all Christian guys,” Cooper said, talking about the men and women who founded and run Solid Rock. “And Lord told us to do it. So we just obeyed. That’s all.”

The pastor posted several clips from the interview on his social media accounts. A more full-length interview will be released in the future, a Laurie spokesperson told Christian Headlines.

Alice talks about how his faith in Jesus motivates him to help younger people, and when Pastor Laurie told him “You’re not ashamed to say that you believe in Jesus Christ,” Cooper said he was not.

“People talk about Alice being a rebel,” Cooper said. “There was never a rebel, more of a rebel than Jesus Christ. You want to talk about a rebel. He was the ultimate.”

“Christ rescued me from an addiction to cocaine”. I knew that there … had to come a point where either I accepted Christ and started living that life, or if I died in this sin, I was in a lot of trouble,” he said. “And that’s what really motivated me.”

In an earlier Tweet, Laurie said he arranged the interview after Cooper came to his church. Laurie serves as pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California.

“It’s a little intimidating to preach in front of Alice Cooper,” Laurie said in a video, prior to his interview. “But here’s the thing a lot of people don’t know about him. He is a full follower of Jesus Christ and has been for many years. Alice was raised in a Christian home. In fact, his dad is a pastor. We all know that he went off track and got himself into a lot of trouble, in fact, almost destroyed his life through alcohol and drugs. But he made a recommitment to Christ. And he’s been walking with the Lord for many years now.”


Source: Christian Headlines


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