Ricky Martin causes controversy by saying that the mother of his children “lent him her womb just like Mary lent it to God”

Singer Ricky Martin has once again made his characteristic statements, this time comparing the woman who gave him her womb for rent to the mother of Jesus Christ.

The singer is used to making believers uncomfortable.

Martin declared for the newspaper “El País” that the use of the womb for rent was like when Mary had Jesus in her womb.

During the interview, he was asked if he resented being “crossed off” for using a womb for rent, to which he replied: “I did not rent a womb, I borrowed the womb and several times, and I have on a pedestal these great women who helped me raise my family.”

“He didn’t lend his body.”

As a result, the singer received strong criticism from the Catholic Church, creating different opinions and sides of the true role of Mary in the life of Jesus, especially a priest who opposed Martin’s statements.

“Mary did not lend her body or her womb to God, first because the body is a gift from God, second because it is not ours, but hers, as much as the spirit and the soul,” said the priest whose last name is Rodriguez.

“Secondly, because we cannot separate the spirit, soul and body. Mary did not lend her womb to God, but she gave all of herself to Him,” he added, according to what was collected by the ACI Prensa portal.

Incubator for God?

It seems that the priest lambasted the singer for his way of comparing his womb for rent with Mary, because “it was not a loan because they are of limited time and she is not some kind of incubator for God”.

In the story we know about Mary and how God chose her to bring Jesus into the world and for Him to fulfill His purpose, there is no mention of any kind of “loan of womb” for Christ.

Is it correct to use the term “womb for hire” for what God did through Mary?

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