Raped, tortured and burned: Pregnant woman and her son die in a new attack by Boko Haram

In a new attack, the terrorist group of Boko Haram murdered 30 people, of which a pregnant woman and her small child were part of them.

Nigeria suffers terrorist attacks of Boko Haram

In northeastern Nigeria, near Lake Chad, local government spokesmen told a news agency that at least 30 people died in a Boko Haram attack. They burned the victims to death.

People in Nigeria live the worst attacks by Boko Haram

Babagana Umara Zulum, the spokesman for the governor of Borno, said the cruelest deaths were those of a woman who was pregnant and her baby. They were in a group traveling from one village to another.

These travelers were camping in a town near their destination because they lost the curfew of their town (5pm), since they were at a considerably long distance.

At that precise moment, Boko Haram’s group arrived and set them on fire until their death. The sources closest to what happened said that the exact number of people dead is not available, but there is an estimate of 30-40 people killed.

In the same place, the terrorists burned 18 vehicles in which large quantities of food would be transported to local markets. They assaulted, looted and killed the owners of the trucks.

An outrageous death for a mother and her son

Witnesses say that they could rescue some of the bodies from the fire, the pregnant woman and her son, “They burn everywhere. The fire was still lit until this morning. We are still looking for many people around here,” Shehu Tanko explained.

In this case, CNN says the victim was sexually abused and burned to death, while her baby was crushed by the head.

There are many murders at the hands of this terrorist group, including two pastors of Christian associations in Nigeria. The group also dominates very young girls previously kidnapped from their schools.

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