Rains, locusts, hail and deadly plague is the appearance of Egypt’s plagues in China, rabbis affirm

The situation in China seems to be getting worse, and in the face of this, many point out that the Bible may be being fulfilled in that nation.

Rains, locusts, hail and deadly plague is the appearance of Egypt’s plagues in China, rabbis affirm

33 consecutive days of rain in southwest China have caused massive flooding and landslides.

Surprisingly, the nation’s government is denying expert reports that a major dam is on the verge of collapse.

Since June, more than 33 million people in 26 provinces have been affected by the torrential rain.

So far, more than 180 people have died due to these events and at least 45 are missing.

After initially denying that the floodgates of the Three Gorges Dam had been opened, they had to retract their statement because of evidence that contradicted them.

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Videos of the open dam forced the government to talk, and acknowledged that the facility was performing an emergency flood release to alleviate the threat of collapse.

Currently, a large number of people are at risk of flooding, it is believed that water levels may reach 600 feet.

German-Chinese hydrologist Wang Weiluo told Radio France International on Monday that the dam could collapse at any time.

Wang said the design, construction and quality inspection of the dam were carried out by the same group of people and that the project was completed too quickly with poor concrete.


After important work by the Chinese Geoscience University in Wuhan and Saint Louis University, there is speculation about earthquakes.

They concluded that an increase of 7 to 8 times the seismic activity in the region was due to the pressure caused by the enormous reservoir at the Three Gorges Dam.

A new pandemic

It should be noted that there are people who currently think that what is happening in this nation is caused by “divine retribution”.

Breaking Israel News reports that preventive measures are being taken to control and prepare for a group of H1N1 swine flu viruses detected in China.

This virus is believed to have “the essential characteristics of being highly adapted to infect humans” and therefore has the potential to become a potential pandemic.

According to the study, the new G4 swine flu strain is genetically descended from the H1N1 strain that caused a pandemic in 2009.

Even if the new virus does not become a pandemic, a swine flu epidemic poses a major threat to China.

Interestingly, this nation is the world’s largest pork consumer.

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War with India

Apart from this, it has been reported that China is having problems with India, its neighbour.

It all came about because of a conflict involving ducks, which would help fight the locust plague that plagues other countries. But China failed to deliver on the amount promised.

For that reason, the two countries are currently involved in a bloody border dispute in the Himalayas.

Hail and deadly plague

Recently, this nation was hit by a strange hailstorm in the form of a “Coronavirus”.

The amazing images shared on social networks shocked many by creating segments of conversations about it.

Similarly, it is reported that the bubonic plague seems to be reappearing in China.

Only a few cases were diagnosed, but the disease has a horrible history and China is one of the few countries that is threatened by regular epidemics of the disease.

Despite their efforts, two more cases of the plague reappeared last week in the border area with Mongolia, leading to a new quarantine.

Plagues at the end of the days

Since this whole situation seems to alarm many, various Jewish media are presenting a biblical explanation of the events.

According to Breaking Israel News, the sixth plague in Egypt, boils, may well have been the bubonic plague.

According to Jewish tradition, the ten plagues will appear before the Messiah, though in more powerful and terrible ways.

One leading rabbi even pointed out that China may be a biblical city destined to suffer God’s wrath.

For this statement, Rabbi Yosef Pinto pointed out the prophecy for this city described in Ezekiel 30:15-16.

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