Radical Muslims attacked pastor, church in attempted land grab in Pakistan

Persecution against Christians in Pakistan seems to be systematic. Last Saturday, a group of radical Muslims attacked a church in Pakistan. The sad event occurred due to an apparent land-grabbing attempt.

Radical Muslims attacked pastor, church in attempted land grab in Pakistan

Head pastor of the Trinity Pentecostal Church in Pakistan’s Shekhupura district of Punjab province, Samuel Barkat, told nongovernmental organization International Christian Concern that the church’s wall and main gate were damaged.

The pastor said that the men began to demolish the church boundary wall and the church graveyard. After forcing their way into the church, they desecrated a cross and other holy ornaments.

“Following the COVID-19 lockdown, the church has been closed down and the worshipers are not visiting,” Barkat told the United States-based organization.

“Therefore, a group of land grabbers wanted to utilize this opportunity for their motives,” The pastor added.

CLAAS-UK Director Nasir Saeed said in a statement: “It is sad that attacks on churches continue even during the COVID-19 pandemic, because hatred against Christians continues to rise and the government has no plans at all to protect the religious minorities and their places of worship.”

Persecution continues amid the pandemic

According to CLAAS-UK, Christians in Pakistan are still suffering from the worst virus, persecution. Despite the pandemic, extremists continue discriminating and targeting Christians.

“People from religious minorities are still a target of the religious extremists and facing the same level of religious persecution, which is condemnable,” Saeed said.

“We have received information from our partners in Pakistan and through the media that at several places Christians and people from other religious minorities are denied aid or pushed back to the end of the queue because of their religion. Such hateful and discriminatory incidents are shameful, and the Pakistani government must take notice of such incidents.”

Threathens continue

According to information by CLAAS-UK, a report has been filed with the police against the attackers due to the event. However, Barkat said that the attackers are threatening to attack again.

Source: The Christian Post

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