Rabbis of Israel warn their people about the coming of the Messiah, “The signs are happening”

In response to the signs that are taking place throughout the world, Jewish leaders in Jerusalem are warning about the next coming of the Messiah.

In consequence of the political acts that took place in Israel, the head rabbis of Jerusalem say that the “first coming of the Messiah” is very close.

“He could be on his way,” Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar said during a speech to the Jewish community.

In the same way, other rabbis point out that the political level, the last measures that have been taken, are part of the people’s preparation for the “authentic” coming of the Messiah.

See what President Trump is doing; things we never dream of, even in our best dreams. And there is more: all the leaders who came to Israel. This is impossible to ignore. These are things we never dream about. How can these things be, if they are not in preparation for the coming of the Messiah? ”, Expressed the rabbi.

He continued his speech by saying that the Messiah can present himself in the form of a living person and in a totally unexpected way.

«All the signs that the prophets have given, all the signs predicted in the Talmud, everything is happening, one by one. What we need is to stay strong a little longer,” he said.

He also said that the coming of the Messiah could end Trump’s plans for the Middle East, “This agreement will not be promulgated because the Messiah will come first,” probably.

Expressing his point of view

Gary Bowers is a researcher of biblical prophecies. In a certain way, his way thinking matches the rabbis’. However, he expresses a rejection of one specific aspect. He affirms that the term “He is alive” is not correctly applied.

But they are incorrect when they say he is on Earth or is a man born in that generation,” said Gary Bowers, the researcher.

They are wrong when they say that this will be the first appearance of the Messiah. Jesus is the messiah. Our Redeemer lives! But He is in heaven waiting to return to Earth any day, ”he added.

No other man in history has done or will do what the Messiah Jesus did for me and for you,” he concludes regretting that the rabbis despise the prophecies of the Bible when they speak of Jesus.

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