Rabbi says the Antichrist “is the Messiah the Jews are waiting for”

A strange statement causes alarm among believers, as one rabbi claimed that the Messiah they are waiting for is the “antichrist”.

Jews in Israel performing their traditional rituals (Reference image).

Mario Moreno, rabbi and founder of the Messianic Jewish Shema Israel Congregation, said that today we live in the time of the Messiah when what is written in the Torah is fulfilled.

“When we make this connection and read the signs we’re seeing in our daily lives, we start to worry, because it’s happening so fast,” he warns.

He also explains that the present time is part of “The Last Times”, which is divided into three stages of 2,000 years each, there evidence that this would be the end according to his belief.

“Today we are in the year 5780, but we know that there was a mistake in the calendar, so we would already be living in the year 6 thousand or more. This means that, according to Jewish tradition, we are already living in the messianic era,” Moreno explained.

“We are living at the end, that is, Yeshua will appear very soon. But people are living according to what the Bible says will happen, concerned about their own lives, to recover what they lost, without stopping to look at the spiritual problem,” he added.

In the same interview with the Brasilian website Guiame, he stated that the characteristics of the Antichrist are the same as those of the Messiah they are waiting for.

Moreno says that this figure will not come from belief like Catholicism or Islam but from Judaism, “For them it is not the antichrist, for them it is the Messiah”, he says.

The characteristics he has are:

  • He will be a direct descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah.
  • He will not only be a religious leader, but the greatest political leader the world has ever seen.
  • He will supervise the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
  • He will restore the Sanhedrin and the sacrifices.
  • He will bring the Jewish people together in the land of Israel.

“The Antichrist must be a Jew and a descendant of David. In 2 Thessalonians 2:4, the apostle Paul says that the son of perdition will sit in the Temple claiming to be God. He cannot be a Gentile, but a Jew,” he says.

He says the prophecy in the book of Daniel will be fulfilled with the coming of this character, for he says that for a few years he will be of good behaviour and then show who he really is.

“For a while, he will act in some way and then he will be transformed and begin to reveal himself. Daniel’s prophecy indicates that he will act in one way for three and a half years, and will reveal himself in another way in the other three and a half years,” he explains.

He ends by saying that both these signs of the Messiah and the construction of the temple are the clear interpretation of the end times that are about to begin.

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