Priscilla Shirer Facing Lung Surgery Due to ‘Dangerous Irregularities’

The Evans family has been dealing with very hard situations related to a number of tragic and unexpected deaths  lately.

Priscilla Shirer Facing Lung Surgery Due to ‘Dangerous Irregularities’

The unexpected loss of Evans’ sister, Beverly Johnson, who died in January; the death of Tony Evans’ father in November, and the death of Tony Evans´wife, Lois.

In addition to these situations, now the family have to face another issue and it is related to Priscilla Shirer´s health.

Shirer is Tony Evans’s daughter. In regards to her condition she said that she will need surgery.

This surgery is to remove a lobe in her left lung.

In a Facebook post, Shirer wrote that doctors have been watching a nodule in her left lung since they discovered it, three years ago. However, they have to remove it due to it is growing and seems to present something irregular.

“This past summer, it was clear that something surgical needed to be done as the nodule had begun to grow and show signs of dangerous irregularities”.

Shirer said she delayed the surgery due to the past few months have been difficult for her family.

“For those reasons, the surgery was delayed but I cannot put it off any longer without jeopardizing my own health. So this Monday, 1/13/20, surgeons will be removing an entire lobe of my left lung,” she wrote.

The author said that her church has been praying for the upcoming surgery. For this reason, she wanted to share the news on social media for those who are concerned about her health and well-being.



Source: CBN News

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