‘Pray For Freedom and Justice’: Early Rain Covenant Church Elder Receives Four-year Sentence for Having Books for the Church

The Chinese Communist court in Chengdu sentenced Elder QinDefu to four years in prison this week.

According to ChinaAid, Defu was charged with “illegal business operations” for having books for the church.

CBN News previously reported that ERCC Pastor Wang Yi and Elder QinDefu were criminally detained on false charges and their lawyers and family have not been able to see them, even after 10 months.

Police raided and ransacked Pastor Yi’s home on Dec. 9; and a 7,300 words manifesto titled “Meditations on the Religious War,” maybe caused this raid because Pastor Wang wrote it and posted on social media.

In the manifesto, he condemns China’s Communist Party. But not only that, he  also urges Christians to perform acts of civil disobedience.

He wrote that ideology “is morally incompatible with the Christian faith and all those who uphold freedom of the mind and thought.

Li said the church will continue to worship God despite the persecution.

Even if we are down to our last five, worship and gatherings will still go on because our faith is real,” the pastor explained.


While, Bob Fu wrote on Facebook “Please pray for freedom and justice. Lord, forgive these evildoers for they know not what they do.”


Source: CBN News

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