Powerful messages activate faith amid Covid-19 boom, “God is in control”

Aligned with the prayer movement that President Trump proclaimed for this Sunday, the messages of faith have not stopped rising in the hearts of believers.

With this national prayer movement in the United States, faith was activated in the hearts of many again.

After president Trump proclaimed this March 15 as “National Day of Prayer” due to the national emergency of Coronavirus; Christian reactions have activated the faith of many others.

With this, you can see how many people stopped living in fear, and Christians are crying out to God for his protection and wisdom amid this growing concern.

Wisdom and guidance to world leaders

Dr. James Dobson, President of “Focus on Family” prayed with many others for the wisdom and correct guidance of world leaders in the face of the pandemic.

Lord, we do call on Your Name, not just for our personal concerns, but for the entire human family around the world. “We want You to give wisdom and guidance to our president and to the international leaders as they do their best to protect the people from the coronavirus… We are in your hands, today,Lord, Amen,” said Dobson in prayer.

Hope and encouragement to face fears

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church gave encouraging messages for people who are afraid of the pandemic, “The purpose of this message is to give everyone hope and encouragement to confront their fears in these anxious days,” said Warren.

Aware of the concern that arises around the current situation, Warren prays daily that people’s fears can be alleviated in the peace of God.

Every crisis in our world is an open door to show God’s love,” said Warren. “While the current environment around the nation is one of fear, God is in control. Now, more than ever is an opportunity for the Church to outshine the darkness and serve people in pain.” he said.

People of Prayer

Pastor Jentezen Franklin emphasized that this opportunity is good for people to return to a communion with God.

“From the beginning of the book of Genesis, prayer and communion with God has been a part of man’s purpose. A major part of our purpose, as being on this earth is to pray. I don’t think we are awaken to our assignment in this area like we need to be. I want more prayer in the church, I want more prayer in my life, I want more prayer in our homes, I want more prayer in our cars, I want more prayers under our breaths and on our jobs. We need to be people of prayer.” he said through an online service.

It is important to remember that you must keep calm during this situation, knowing that God is in control of everything that lives on this planet.


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