Pitiful: Christian church reduced to rubble by Chinese authorities

About 60 officials stormed a Christian church located in Shanghai County. More than 200 believers were inside the facility when they entered at True Jesus Church.

True Jesus Church after demolished.

Before such action by the police authorities, they cut off the church’s electricity supply; Some officials climbed the wall of the temple courtyard to break the door lock to let the rest of the group in.

The director of the Office of Religious Affairs said the church involved in an “illegal fundraiser,” so the place was an “illegal building.”

Officers asked the person in charge to leave the church since it would become a home for the elderly, but the congregation refused to obey.

After that raid, the police monitored and searched the church services from their entrance.

Planning to demolish the church

According to Bitter Winter, on July 26 around three in the morning, nearly 1,000 people from various county departments met at a nearby school; in order to prepare for an operation where they would destroy the church by force.

Information from the sources that were present at the meeting, police officers had been ordered to remove all those who were inside the temple regardless of their number.

No one inside the church could take photos or make phone calls. To avoid leaking information about what happened.

The police took a piano and four air conditioning units from the church. After that, eight excavators arrived at the site to begin the demolition.

Three days later, the place destroyed and all the rubble that was in the place was quickly removed.

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