Pence Encourages ‘Every American to Pray’, as new covid-19 cases rise in the US

On Friday, the White House coronavirus task force held its first briefing in nearly two months. Vice president of the US, Mike Pence, lead the sesion.

Vice President of the United Sates of America, Mike Pence.

 During the speech, Pense encourages Americans to pray for the country and urged people, specially the young ones, to do their part for the covid-19 to stop.

“I just encourage every American to continue to pray. Pray for all the families that have lost loved ones, pray for our health care workers on the front lines…pray that by God’s grace, every single day, will each of us do our part to heal our land,” Pence said.

The calling to citizens to do their part comes after new cases are rising in the country, in which young people make up 50 percent of those new cases.

That’s why they put a special emphasis on young people to reflect on what they are doing because their actions are putting the most vulnerable at risk.

“We need to protect the most vulnerable…we want a message going out…we need them to do their part. It’s in the hands of the American people, particularly young people in this country,” Vice President Pence said.

The message is for people to take preventive measures seriously that includes social distancing and wearing face masks, if not for their own sake, for the people around them who may be more at risk. Besides, that, asking God for help and grace for the task force to deal correctly with the current situation the nation is facing.

Source: CBN News

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