Peculiar statue to honor Melania Trump is target to critics

The town of Sevnica, Slovenia, is the hometown of the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. For the people who live there, the First Lady represents a “Slovenian hero” for all the things she has achieved. For this reason, they wanted to honor her, and the best way they found was building a statue.

Peculiar statue to honor Melania Trump is the target to critics

The life-size statue was first envisioned by a 39-year-old American artist named Brad Downey; and it was officially unveiled on Friday on the outskirts of Sevnica.

Downey, who told AFP that it’s the first monument dedicated to the First Lady in the world, commissioned a local artist, Ales Zupevc, known as Maxi to carve a tree using a chainsaw and shows the wife of President Trump in a blue dress raising her left hand in a waving motion.

Although it was made with good intention, the peculiar statue has raised some eyebrows and brought critics.

There are some people who say it looks more like a “scarecrow” than a true representation of the First Lady.

Others agree that the stature was meant to be a parody or a serious attempt at honoring the first lady.

 “If the monument was meant to be a parody, then the artist has been successful,” Nika, an architecture student told AFP. “We in Sevnica can only laugh and, at the same time, hold our heads in our hands over their (the Trumps’) catastrophic reputation.”

In response to the comments Downey said, “I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance, but said the statue was absolutely beautiful.”

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