Pastor triggered panic at movie theater following a showing of the ‘Avengers’


Last week, Michael Webber, the 28-year-old pastor of Truth & Triumph Ministries, made national headlines when his preaching at a movie theater in Redlands, California caused people to run for their lives.

He started preaching about God and triggered panic among other theater goers who thought he had a gun.

People started running for the exits and some being injured trying to escape when the pastor stood up and started talking following a showing of the “Avengers” on the evening of April 26.

One woman leaped over a balcony in the movie theater to try to escape and fell 20ft to the ground below where she was then trampled by others trying to get out.

He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge at the scene and police later checked his home to determine if he was a threat.

Webber was arrested for ‘offensive language likely to cause a violent reaction’.

In an interview, Webber said he often evangelizes at movie theaters. But this time he thinks what led to the chaos was the fact that the lights in the theater were still off when he began to talk.

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