Pastor returns to preach his first sermon after being in ICU for covid-19

The pastor of Faith Fellowship Church Jonathan Mitchell,69, is ready to preach his first sermon after surviving covid-19.

The pastor was in ICU and stayed 100 consecutive days of hospitalization. However, after defeating the virus, he returned to his church on Sunday to honor God and do what he likes the most, preaching.

Medical staff discharged him from the hospital on July 15. On his way back home, the church gave him a surprised by waiting for him in the church to greet him.

“My goodness, my heart is overwhelmed. We love you, we love you. My heart is overwhelmed with joy,” he was quoted as saying at the time. “My church, look at ’em. I taught ’em to love for five years. Look at ’em. They’re lovers.”

“I’m a different man. COVID gave me curly, wavy hair,” the pastor said joking.

“The miracle man”

The pastor shared that during his time in the hospital, medical stuff called him “The miracle man”.

“A nurse come to me and said they lost me two times, said they called me the miracle man.”

He added that he lost hope at one point but God reminded him of the first commandment: “Have you loved me today?”

Source: The Christian Post

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