Pastor is sentenced to three years in prison for “disobeying” worship restrictions

A Christian pastor, along with three others, faces three years in prison for disobeying the restrictions imposed by his country’s authorities on Covid-19.

Residents of the region where the pastor was located were upset after he held an event attended by several people.

The American website The Christian Post recently reported that this scandal is due to the fact that religious leaders defied the ban on large gatherings.

In Myanmar, Pastor David Lah and three others in Yangon city were charged under the Natural Disaster Management Act of 2013.

This crime is punishable by up to three years in prison and a possible fine. All information was provided in advance by a U.S.-based website that monitors religious persecution internationally.

According to the Covid-19 Monitoring and Emergency Response Committee in that region, Lah and two other pastors maintained their services after a ban on large gatherings was imposed.

This ban was established in Yangon on March 13. And it should be noted that the other accused is a member of the congregation.

Facing hostility

In a sermon posted online in late March, Pastor Lah said, “If you hear the sermon of God, the virus will never come to you, I declare it with the soul of Jesus Christ.”

A few weeks later, about 20 people connected to their meetings tested positive for Coronavirus, including Pastor Lah and a famous Myanmar rock star named Myo Gyi.

On the evening of April 7, according to CBC News, police say that “a crowd” gathered to hear Lah. This angered some of the residents.

“Because of Lah’s action, many Christians in Myanmar face criticism and have sensed hostilities towards them in the Buddhist majority country,” ICC said.

“Christian leaders have appealed to citizens to work together to fight COVID-19 in unity and love as anti-Christian sentiment surges on social media. They also urged people not to post and share fake news, photos and videos on Facebook that may be offensive to religion.”

On May 7, Pastor David was discharged, he was quarantined for 21 days in a hotel in Yangon.

As of last Sunday, there were 182 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Myanmar and only six deaths from it.

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