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Pastor is “kicked out” of his church by parishioners after saying that “black lives matter”

A white pastor from Mississippi was kicked out of his church for allegedly supporting the protests in the U.S., as well as the idea that “black lives matter.”

Photo of Bishop Scott Volland with his wife Debra

After leading The Heights Church for at least three and a half years, Bishop Scott Volland and his wife, Debra, were rejected by the church board.

According to information provided by Fox News, it all happened on June 18 because of different views on how to address racial issues.

“Whether it is saying that ‘black lives matter’ (as a human fact), or in speaking out to remove racially offensive/insensitive monuments or politicians, I have been informed that my ‘agenda will not work at this church,’ and that I ‘don’t speak for the church,'” Volland shared on Facebook the next day.

“Nor do they agree with me sharing them publicly or being involved in any type of; marches, peaceful protests, governmental meetings, interviews, etc. concerning race or racism,” he added.

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Expanding their opinion

The minister has been broadening his view further as the national debates continue.

“It amazes me how many of the people that claim that ‘slavery ended 150 years ago’, and that ‘black folks just need to leave it in the past or just get over it,’ will also fight tooth and nail to keep statues or (unofficial) flags from the same period, claiming that ‘they are our heritage,’ and that ‘you can’t ignore or forget about history,'” he said. “You can’t have it both ways…that’s called hypocrisy.”

Forming a new ministry

The pastor also told local media that members of the congregation threatened to leave the church because of his activism.

“This has deeply hurt us,” he told WCBI“Because this is people we’ve poured three and half years of our lives into. We’ve been through weddings, weddings of their children, baptisms.”

After announcing his departure from The Heights Church, Volland started a new church.

He called it The Bridge, pointing out that it is a church “for all people”. He also pointed out that he has no hard feelings about his former congregation.

“I’m encouraged about what God is doing,” Volland shared in a Facebook Live video Tuesday.

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