Pastor facing prison gives the sermon of his life


Chu Yiu-ming, pastor of Chai Wan Baptist Church in Hong Kong, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil disobedience.

Pastor facing prison gives the sermon of his life
Pastor facing prison gives the sermon of his life

This pastor, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, turned the stands of a Hong Kong courtroom into his pulpit, quoting Scripture and calling for justice in the name of God, after he and eight other activists were convicted Tuesday for crimes related to their involvement with pro-democracy Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests.

This leader recounted his testimony of finding hope in Christ after a bleak childhood and defended his calling as a minister to fight for human rights, dignity, and care for all people.

During his speech he said “We have no regrets. We hold no grudges, no anger, no grievances. We do not give up; in the words of Jesus, ‘Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; The Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!’ (Matthew 5:10)”

“We strive for democracy, because democracy strives for freedom, equality, and universal love. Political freedom is more than loyalty to the state. It professes human dignity. Every single person living in a community possesses unique potentials and powers, capable of making a contribution to society. Human right is a God-given gift, never to be arbitrarily taken away by any political regime”, the Baptist leader added.

“The seeds of peaceful non-violent civil disobedience action have been planted deep in the heart of Hong Kong people,” Chu said in his testimony, which led some supporters to tears. “This movement is an awakening of the civil spirit. Wellbeing, decency, and peace constitute our common dream. It is also the will of God. Let us strive to make it real for our city.”

“The valley of the shadow of death leads to spiritual heights,” he said. “For decades, I have preached numerous sermons. Little could I anticipate that the one message which preparation took me the longest time and the most heartfelt prayer, and which probably would reach the largest audience, is precisely this one delivered from the defendant’s dock.”

Chu faces up to seven years in prison and awaits a sentence this month; however, he keeps waiting on God, for he has the last word.



Source: Christianity Today

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