Pastor beaten by Uganda Muslims after saying “Jesus is the Son of God”


A 38-year-old pastor, Tom Palapande, was knocked unconscious in eastern Uganda during a debate with Muslims about the divinity of Jesus Christ, while another pastor saw his services forcibly shut down after Islamists became angry that some Muslims were choosing to convert to Christianity.

The group of Islamists threw rocks at him and other church leaders, Morning Star News reported on Friday.

Palapande held a two-week evangelistic campaign in June, which included discussions on Islamic and Christian scriptures, the Trinity, and Jesus as the Son of God.

A church leader, who wasn’t named, said:

“A big stone hit the pastor’s forehead, and the stones as well injured three other church leaders who were close to the pastor at the podium, Moses Balabye, Agrey Gibenya and Milton Magezi.”

Palapande, who was treated at a hospital in Mbale, revealed that he has been attacked by Muslims on a number of occasions during debates.

“I was beaten up, and it was falsely reported in a local newspaper as well as the local radio station that I am disrespecting the religion of Islam. This is a calculated move to tarnish my name,” he said.

Taken from: The Christian Post

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