Part of her skull was removed and she still glorifies God, “Miracles are real”

A woman whose most part of her skull was removed glorifies God for having survived a delicate medical intervention.

Cynthia received prayers from various parts of the world.

Cynthia Martínez, a former beauty queen and single mother, always had headaches until one day she collapsed in front of her relatives without getting a response.

I had bent over to tell my son something when I just fell — in front of my friends and at the feet of my son,” Cynthia says. She was at a friend’s house.

Survive despite not having part of her skull

Doctors diagnosed her with a cerebral aneurysm when observing her case. Only a few hours after she underwent surgery to have a craniotomy to remove the element.

Days after her first collapse, she became seriously ill with pneumonia, kidney and blood infections. All that caused severe swelling of her brain, so doctors decided to remove part of her skull as an option.

“My family was in absolute shock and disbelief,” she explained. “They doctors went from, ‘Oh she’s going to be OK’ to ‘Wait, what are her final wishes?’.” She told of her relatives, who did not believe they survived such a situation.

Her family, who are into 5 different countries, made a prayer chain for her speedy recovery; and it worked.

«Miracles are real»

I have family in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay that were all praying for me. As well as family friends in Spain, co-workers in the UK, current and old co-workers all over the US that were praying for me,” she says.

And it worked. I’m walking proof that it works; the power of prayer and miracles are very real,” she added.

The recovery of 4 diseases and their positive progress is attributed to God because Cynthia has no more explanation but the Lord worked in these hard times when she believed she would not survive.

Things could have gone very, very wrong. For my family and especially my son – like it does for countless people in my situation. When things get tough I try to remind myself that I’m alive and I was given this privilege of living. I struggle because I’m living,she says.

With the miracle that God did in her life, Cynthia helped others become aware of aneurysms and the strength that must be taken at times like that.

We are all strong enough, we just don’t know it until we are pushed against the wall and forced to fight. Fight for our lives, fight for our recovery, fight for whatever it is that is important to us.” she concluded.

Before and after the miracle:


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Survivor Story: Cynthia I’m told it was a rainy, cold November night. On the menu were drinks, friends, fun and games. But all of a sudden the aneurysm I didn’t know I had ruptured. It tried to kill me, and it almost succeeded. My aneurysm was clipped that night, November 9, 2018. But it wasn’t done with me yet. A day or two after I came down with pneumonia, and a lung, kidney, and a blood infection. I also had a stroke and my brain began to swell. I needed a craniotomy to remove part of my skull. At this point, the doctor told my family that they didn’t know if I would make it through surgery. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, I woke up. My days at the hospital are hazy, but I was doing well. I had cranioplasty, to put my skull cap back. And after a month and 10 days of being in the hospital, I was sent to a rehabilitation center for two weeks to try to repair the damage that the stroke had done on my left side. I wish so very much, that I could say my story ends there. That life returned to normal and I was able to return to being a mom at full capacity to a five-year old little boy. But that’s not what happened. On February 14, 2018 I had another craniotomy to remove the skull part that they put in, back in December. It had become infected. Eleven months have passed since that night and, I am now going on surgery number seven for my third tissue expander – since there were complications with the first two. This September I will have my 8th surgery — a cranioplasty that will be the last piece of the puzzle – literally. Besides the many complications, I am fortunate to have excelled in Speech and Physical Therapy. Once again, I wish so very much that I could say my story of recovery will end there. But I have another small aneurysm that will need to be treated, and I am still continuing Orthopedic and Occupational Therapy. The aneurysm on that rainy November night didn’t know who it was dealing with, because this is MY journey to recovery and triumph. #Survivor #1in50 #SavingLives #ImprovingLives #BAF25 #AwarenessMatters

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Meet Cynthia in March 2017. She was 33. She has a career, family, friends, and is a single mom to an amazing 4 year old little boy. Her biggest worry…getting to daycare on time after work and possibly finding a sitter so she could have some time with her friends that week. What this picture doesn’t show you is what she didn’t know was going on in her brain – a brain aneurysm. 8 months after this picture, that aneurysm ruptured and began to flood her head. KNOW THE THE SIGNS: #awarenessmatters • Sudden and severe headache, often described as “the worst headache of my life” • Nausea/vomiting • Stiff neck • Blurred or double vision • Sensitivity to light Unruptured aneurysms rarely cause chronic headaches • Blurred or double vision • A drooping eyelid • A dilated pupil • Pain above and behind one eye • Weakness and/or numbness Information from @bafound #brainaneurysmawareness #brainaneurysmawarenessmonth #recoveryandtriumph #brainaneurysm #brainaneurysmawareness #brainaneurysmsurvivor #brainaneurysmwarrior #brainaneurysmfoundation #healthybrains #neuroscience #neurology #braininjury #educationiskey #awarenessmatters #traumaticbraininjury #tbi #brainaneurysmsurvivor #aneurysmsurvivor #brainaneurysmawareness #aneurysmawareness #strokesurvivor #1in50 #strokethriver

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