Panic, people killed and others injured during London Bridge terrorist attack

Two people killed and others injured in a terrorist attack near London Bridge on Friday.

All this happened before the suspect was wrestled to the ground by passersby and shot dead by police

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Police confirmed the suspect died at the scene. It is believed that he was acting alone.

According to police, the suspect was wearing a fake suicide vest, was killed after emergency services were called to a stabbing incident at premises near the bridge shortly before 2pm on Friday.

The incident played out in extraordinary scenes that prompted praise for the bravery of members of the public and police.

Witnesses talk about the incident:

Yahoo News quoted one woman who said she had witnessed the incident from inside Fishmongers’ Hall, a conference and events venue at the northern end of the bridge.

The woman, who gave her name as Coralie, said:

“I was in the building when I heard the screams and one girl ran towards me because she got stabbed in her arm and everyone inside the conference started to panic.”

Another woman called Jo from east London said she had been in the market when people started to panic and run.

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I saw two people fall over. The police then told people to get inside, so we sheltered in Le Pain Quotidien. They locked the doors and moved people away from the glass. The police has just let us leave.

Karen Bosch, who was on a bus with her baby travelling along the bridge, told the Guardian:

We were coming southbound on the number 21. We had stopped at a bus stop and were pulling away when I noticed people running into and across the road. We saw people tussling or fighting, I thought there was a fight or a stabbing.

Then the bus stopped and it was clear there were three police with guns struggling with one man, a tall man who had a dark jacket and beard. The next thing I saw was the man with the beard lying on ground and I heard two pops or shots. A spent Taser was also lying on the ground.”

Bosch said she moved to a safer place on the bus. “We were on the other side of the carriageway but there was nothing between us and what was going on.

“The guy on the floor opened his jacket and police backed away really fast. I thought maybe it was a bomb vest and if that went off, we were so close. I was so worried about my baby.”

Boris Johnson pronounced and paid tribute to those involved in ending the attack and said “anybody involved in this crime and these attacks will be hunted down and brought to justice”.

Meanwhile,  tweeted: “Shocking reports from London Bridge. My thoughts are with those caught up in the incident. Thank you to the police and emergency services who are responding.”


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