OUTRAGEOUS! Actors make love in front of children in theatre play ‘Lamb of God’


In Belgium, parents and representatives are denouncing those who subsidize a theatre company called NTGent, where an adult couple representing “Adam and Eve” is shown in a purely sexual scene in front of minors.

Lam Gods (The Lamb of God) is the play that tells the stories of the Old Testament by bringing to the scene Bible characters such as Cain and Abel, and tries to connect real life with the spiritual. Its director, Milo Rau, is willing to initiate debates but asks critics to see the work first.

“Lam Gods” promotes a very explicit libertine ideology of early sexuality, as the controversial scene shows a naked “Adam” and “Eve” pretending to be at a party having sexual relations while they do a kind of dance with a children’s choir that surrounds them on stage.

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“I’m a bit scandalous,” the Swiss-born stage director Milo Rau says

The parents of the children involved in such a controversial play made denunciations alleging: “Minors have to see at close range how a man and a woman perform an erotic scene”. For this reason, a petition was made for the withdrawal of the subsidy funds from NTGent and above all from its director, which has already been signed by more than 3,000 people.

Rau, for his part, countered by saying that the people who denounce them today do not give them a chance to defend themselves, “sure that none of the signatories has seen the work. That makes it difficult for us to respond in a well-founded manner,” he says.

“It’s just theater.”
According to the theatre company, the children were accompanied and the parents were well informed. “We explained to the children that it is only theatre. It’s just two naked people who like each other”

“We explained to the children that it is only theatre. It’s just two naked people who like each other”

“We have many nudes, but Adam and Eve were also naked. 600 years ago, the Lam Gods painting was also a scandal. But that’s the way God created us,” says director Milou Rau against VTM NIEUWS.

Earlier this year, this same theatre company was involved in a scandal, and they had to publicly  apologised for placing newspaper advertisements seeking actors who had fought for Islamic State or had killed their siblings.

The theatre apologised after a public outcry. In a statement sent to Agence France-Presse on Friday, it said it “recognised that with its appeal for Isis fighters it could have given the impression of giving them a platform, and recognised its poor communication in this regard, and apologises.”

Sven Gatz, the culture minister for Flanders, said this week that “artistic freedom has its limits”.

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