Organizations in Germany demand a ban on prostitution

The presidential ministers of the “Länder” and the leaders of the national political parties received an open letter calling for an end to prostitution in Germany.

Organizations in Germany demand a ban on prostitution

The country has some of the most permissive laws regarding sexual consumption, many organizations have denounced the poor conditions in which prostituted women live.

The letter was sent by a broad alliance of organizations, including Christian Kainos, Mission Freedom, New Start and Sowoldi.

In the context of the Covid-19 crisis and the risk of infection by prostituted women, the authorities must resist pressure from the “prostitution lobby”, which is calling for the charges to be reopened.

But the state must not punish vulnerable women living in “poverty and barely surviving”, but offer them “paid housing”, the letter says.

These organizations demand the establishmenT of the “Nordic model”, which punishes the sex buyer and offers prostituted women financial aid, education and psychological support when necessary, in order to leave the world of sexual exploitation.

“Women are not a product”

The German Evangelical Alliance expressed its support for the initiative. Its political representative Uwe Heimowski said that “young people must learn and understand that women are not a product”.

Heimowski welcomed the recent positions of some major party factions in favour of illegal prostitution , and called for “proposals to change the law soon”.

Statistics in Germany show a grim reality of prostitution, with many being victims of three serious crimes: deprivation of liberty, rape and forced prostitution.

The Christian platform European Freedom Networks, which brings together dozens of organizations against human trafficking in Europe, chose Berlin for its 2017 conference. They called on Germany to change the law to ensure that there is no sexual exploitation within its borders.

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