NY Gov Cuomo allows Christians to reunite again with preventive measures

Andrew Cuomo, the Gov. of New York said this week allowed Christians to hold drive-in worship services and in-person services of 10 people or less as long as they follow “strict social distancing guidelines.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The NY Gov. announced this new order during a press briefing in Albany Wednesday. When giving the announcement, Cuomo said that services could resume on Thursday as long as all attendees follow the preventive measures.

The governor also noted that he is working with the state’s Interfaith Advisory Council to consider gradually reopening larger in-person worship. The announcement comes as different regions across the state are hitting the required benchmarks to begin reopening during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I understand their desire to get back to religious ceremonies as soon as possible,” Cuomo said.

“As a former altar boy, I get it. I think even at this time of stress when people are so anxious and so confused, I think that religious ceremonies can be very comforting,” he continued.

But we need to find out how to do it, and do it safely, and do it smartly. The last thing we want to do is have a religious ceremony that winds up having more people infected,” he added.

Cuomo stressed that “if people are smart” and responsible, that infection rates will slow.

“It is amazing how effective a mask is,” Cuomo added.

“Victory for common sense.”

A civil rights law group, The Rutherford Institute, celebrated the new decision of the Gov., calling it a “victory for common sense.”

“While federal and state governments have adopted specific restrictive measures in an effort to decelerate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the current public health situation has not resulted in the suspension of fundamental constitutional rights such as religious freedom,” stated Rutherford Institute President John W. Whitehead.

“While there is a moral responsibility to not endanger other lives with our actions, that does not mean relinquishing all of our freedoms. Be responsible, but don’t allow yourselves to be muzzled or your individual freedoms to be undermined.”

With the good news, Central Bible announced that it will start holding drive-in services this Sunday. They shared the announcement through a Facebook post.

“We have no ill will towards our local officials. We believe them to have been outstanding for their work for our community and we are thankful. We honor and love our officials working day in and out to fight for and protect us,” stated the church.

“Central and their Pastor are Not against them. We’re not rebels. We stand and live by the truth and principles of the Word of God! We are simply trying to have church services, without conflict, safely, legally and peaceably.”

Source: The Christian Post

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