Noted Christian education figure, Beka Horton, dies at 90

Co-founder of the Florida-based Pensacola Christian College and a notable figure in Christian homeschool education, Dr. Rebekah Horton, passed away.

Dr. Rebekah Horton, co-founder of the Florida-based Pensacola Christian College

She died on June 27 at the age of 90. on Wednesday, a memorial service was held for her at the Crowne Centre at the PCC campus. All the ttendees to the service were requiered to use preventives mesures against the covid-19; There had to wear their face masks and praticing social distancing.

PCC posted an “In Memoriam” message:

“Students worldwide continue to benefit from her influence on the strong spiritual and academic foundations of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Christian Academy, and Abeka,” stated PCC.

“Other affiliate ministries such as Camp o’ the Pines, Joyful Life, and Rejoice Radio continue the spiritual heritage she labored to establish. She not only guided development and supported leadership, but was herself an enthusiastic teacher and a captivating communicator.”

PCC President Troy Shoemaker expressed his condolences through social media. He stated on Twitter that he owed “much gratitude to her for patient investment and an amazing example of faithful service!”

“The influence of Mrs. Horton is not only seen in Christian education and those she taught, but also in the lives of many individuals like myself whom she mentored,” he tweeted.

“She was a master teacher”

A pastor and teacher at PCC who worked with Horton, Dr. Joel Mullenix, described her as “teacher of teachers.”

“At the start of a new school year, she would meet with the kindergarten teachers and lower elementary teachers and she would teach them how to teach Bible to the little boys and girls so that they would understand about Jesus. She was a master teacher,” said Mullenix during the Wednesday service.

Source: The Christian Post

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