NFL Star Says God Saved Him After Losing Wife and Child

Tommie Harris Former NFL defensive tackle. He knows exactly what the words tragedy means in life.

He lost both a wife and child.  Although for many people it is hard to comprehend how Harris has continued with his life despite pain, he does understand that his faith in Jesus Christ is what gives him strength.

Harris opened up to Fox News skeaking about the pain of grief, and how God has continued to uphold him his darkest of days.

 “I look at a miracle every day when I look in the mirror and see that I’m not in a straitjacket or have lost my mind for what I’ve been through,” he told Fox and Friends co-host, Ainsley Earhardt.

I’m a walking testimony. God moves every day through me, encourages me, inspires me to help someone else beyond myself.”

His wife Ashley passed away when she just 29-years-old. She died from a sudden brain aneurysm back in 2012.

Four years after this devastating loss, Harris got into a relationship with another woman, with whom he had a child.

We end up having a kid. And four months later, we walked in the room and she had passed away of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,” he explained.

This additional tragedy, he said, was resulted in his faith being profoundly tested. Still, through the grief, he was able to see God teaching him.

“I believe that God is speaking to me to show people how valuable life is and at any moment the game can change,” he explained. “So are you playing your hardest at every moment?.. I think that my breath right now is being used to teach that suddenly […] things can change. And with the faith in God, you know that He’ll never put more than you can bear.”

My head is on a swivel. I’m looking for the slumped-over shoulders,” he said. “I’m looking for the guy that may not look approachable, but I know he needs a hug. So I’ve learned from that situation to take it and help serve someone else.

Harris delivered inspirational message at BET’s Super Bowl Gospel event in 2018 .

Source:CBN News


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