New “preventive” measures that churches must take to reopen

While in some countries some restrictions have been lifted as their situation has improved in the face of the pandemic, different ways are being sought to get places of worship to reopen as well.

It is expected that the churches will open and at the same time adhere to the rules in order to avoid further contagion.

Depending on the country, so too will be the different restrictions established by the authorities for places of faith.

Although the churches are gradually resuming their activities and commitments, there are certain preventive measures that are repeated regardless of their location.

Considerations for churches, temples and places of worship

The parishioners and members must attend according to the last number of their DNI (National Identity Card), as it is stipulated for the rest of the activities.

Crowding of parishioners and members is not allowed. For this reason, the celebration of ceremonies, celebrations, liturgical commemorations and acts of worship that involve a multitude of people are suspended.

Only those that adapt to the health considerations of this protocol will be permitted.

These measures are imposed for all types of church or religious meeting place. Whether Christian, Catholic or any other denomination.

Other specific measures

Opening hours: In most cases, the temples will be open from nine in the morning until six in the evening.

The churches will be disinfected at the end of each day after finishing their activities.

Aside from this, the ministers will ask those attending to avoid taking public transport and avoid the schedules and entry and exit of trade.

Number of people allowed: The place will only be allowed to be filled to 25% of its capacity, and there will be a manager at the door of the place controlling the number of entrants.

Control of visitors: The parishioners will be prevented from stumbling with the help of the creation of a circuit specially dedicated for this purpose, as well as the application of alcohol gel or the sanitizing product in the hands of the visitors.

Recommended hygiene measures: A solution of water with 70% alcohol and/or alcohol gel will be available at the entrance and exit of the church.

Face masks must also be used. In some places, less than two people per bench should be avoided, unless children are accompanied by their parents.

Method of surface cleaning: In each church there will be a person in charge of disinfecting the place and the sites used with the recommended implements.

There will also be  a person in charge of maintaining order and respect for preventive measures.

And informative signs should be placed on the walls of the site with reference to the precautions to be taken at all times.

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