Netanyahu reaffirms his position as Prime Minister of Israel after strong victory in elections

During this morning elections, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, ratified his position as one of the leaders of the country.

Although he did not have the support of the country’s president, Netanyahu won the elections.

After several “failed” attempts, as the Israeli political bank calls them, to form a strong government; the parliament (Knesset) gave him the “giant victory” he expected.

This is the third time that Benjamin runs to elections in a year, as he tied in results with Gantz.

Referring to his victory Netanyahu said: “the biggest win of my life.

Mr. Netanyahu told a joyful crowd of his supporters in Tel Aviv early on Tuesday that he had won “a victory against all odds“.

Our rivals said: the Netanyahu era is over. But with joined forces, we turned the situation around. We turned lemons into lemonade!

They are still waiting for another part of the results. It could mean a fourth election in just eleven months since the last time.

The prime minister’s plans are to form a coalition with political and religious leaders who oppose his government, in an attempt to calm the environment for the intense fight over the votes and the opposition that the president of Israel makes.

This has been one of the hardest elections for Netanyahu, who has faced the challenges of the Coronavirus in his country and the global reactions to the “Agreement of the Century,” proposed by US President Donald Trump.

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