“My husband and I are pregnant and nobody can stop us,” says Ricky Martin

Famous singer Ricky Martin announced that “he is pregnant” and that he will have another child with his husband. He also assures “nobody can stop us.”

Martin married to Jwan Yosef, announced that he is waiting for his fourth child.

The singer received the Human Rights Campaign award for defending LGBT rights; and during his speech he expressed with happiness that “he is pregnant with his husband.”

“I have to announce that we are pregnant and nobody can stop us. We are waiting. Okay, I like big families,” he said.

Ricky Martin´s point of view about his lifestyle

“My family is here, Jwan… My husband, Jwan, I love you. My beautiful twins, Valentino and Matteo, who are also here.

“I love them with all my heart, they are my strength, they inspire me every day, they motivate me to continue doing what I do and they are incredible guys, ”he said.

“Lucia, my baby who is not here with us, stayed at home with her grandmother, she is also the light of my life,” he added.

Ricky has been the father of three children through a surrogate belly (belly for rent), which he has given to two boys who are 10 years old and a girl who was born earlier this year.

Martin has become famous for applying the practice to conceive children; he is also famous for attacking the rights of Christians and opposing everything that has to do with God´s commandment, beginning with his sexuality.

In his native country, Puerto Rico, he promotes LGBT ideology as normal and same-sex marriage and proclaims to be against Religious Freedom to evangelize.

What he ignores

Taking into account all Martin expressed it is obvious it goes against God´s principles.  But it seems a privilege for Martin to spread his approval to this kind of practice with pride.

The worst part of the story is that he ignores that the same God who created the commandments is the same God to whom he will be before one day to be judged. May God have mercy on him and others who act and the same way he does because payment of such things is death   (Romans 1:18-32)



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