More than 80% of White Evangelicals Will Vote for Trump in Upcoming Election, Survey Reveals

According to a poll recently conducted by the Pew Research Center, at least 32% of white evangelicals would vote for President Trump in the election.

Christian pastors and ministers pray for President Trump during a meeting (Reference image).

This support is 5% higher than the 77% of white Protestant voters who indicated their support for the president after the 2016 presidential election.

Although polls showed that apparently 81% of them voted for him in 2016.


The results of the latest Pew poll conducted in June reveals that despite Trump’s strong Christian support, there is a decreasing number in the statistics.

This is because many do not approve of the way in which the president has been working in the wake of the pandemic and the racial protests.

The poll shows that 72% of white evangelicals approve of the way the president is doing his job; This reflects a drop of 6% compared to two months ago.

Support to Joe Biden

As for Trump’s rival in the election, Democrat Joe Biden, about 26% of white evangelical Protestants argue that this would be a “poor” leader.

Another 49% believe that Biden would be “terrible”. Seventy percent of them say Trump has been good or excellent in his role.

Dean Inserra, a Baptist pastor from Tallahassee, Florida, told The Washington Post why Trump was still the favorite of many white Christians.

According to the minister, this is because the president is seen as a “Christian option” and a “defender of the faithful.”


“Some think that a vote for Trump is a Christian vote, that it means they’re voting against abortion or they’re happy with the Supreme Court. It’s the ends justifies the means,” he said.

Trump “represents a defender of their way of life. He’s the representation of someone who’s on their side,” Inserra added.

Black Evangelicals

In the case of Christians of color, it is the opposite of the numbers of other believers.

At least 88% of these support Biden and they believe he will be a good president. Very few show their approval of Trump.


Source: The Christian Post

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