More than 700 deaths in one day by Covid-19 in Itlay

According to recent reports, the Italian nation announced the total amount of people dead due to Covid-19 this Saturday, March 21.

The victims by Covid-19 reached 4.825, with an alarming number of 793 people dead in the last 24 hours.

On Thursday, Italy became the country that has reported the most deaths by Covid-19, surpassing China. The fact the Italy, Germany, and Spain reported a rise in the infectios makes Europe become the new pandemic epicenter.

Health system is collapsed

Health workers reported that the health system in the country is collapsed.

According to reports, the 5,200 intensive care beds that exist in this country were quickly used because they placed patients with respiratory problems.

Due to the lack of necessary equipment to combat covid-19, such us ventilators, masks and key clothing, the Italian nation asked for international  help.

A report from the Italian Higher Institute of Health revealed that northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto are among the most affected.

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What do authorities say?

To stop the pandemic, authorities of Italy ordered a national quarantine since March 12.

Besides that, they closed most businesses bars, restaurants, most stores and also schools and universities.

The prime minister of Italy ,Giuseppe Conte, said that these measures have helped prevent “the collapse of the system.”

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Source: BBC

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