More than 30,000 people accepted Jesus in online worship services

Various online services following the quarantine have served as a platform for thousands of people to accept Christ in their hearts.

Referential image of the worship services of Harvest Church.

The Coronavirus has caused people to take the most extreme preventive measures, for example the preventive quarantine measure from home, which caused the worship services to be transmitted over the internet.

Souls for Christ

Different churches record that the number of souls reached for Christ exceeds a certain amount, Harvest Christian Fellowship of California, more than 31,000 people saw his services online, which gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

“I think, especially with the spread of COVID-19, you might read of yet another person dying. That’s really scary and it’s a wake-up call for all of us,” Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, said to Decision Magazine.

“But we want to show the Good News to people—that God can give them the meaning of life on earth and the hope of life beyond the grave,” he added.

“We have been locked inside our homes, but the Gospel cannot be locked,” Pastor Bachitter Singh said as he witnessed the transformation of the ancient Sikh family in India.

“Tell them how to believe in Jesus”

Also, the changes in people were recorded, as a former drug dealer and his father received Jesus through the online services of Connecting Columbia Church, from a very poor community in California.

“One of the things that I think this is telling me …is we’ve got to get our church going in that direction and ready for the harvest field that God’s preparing right now.” said Mike Redinger, pastor of Connecting Columbia Church in the north central California foothills.

During this time, God has called his people to hope in the midst of desolation and fear, since that is the call of his church.

“Throw the net. No matter what you’re speaking on, make sure you think of nonbelievers who are watching you, who are looking for answers, and just tell them how to believe in Jesus,” Laurie concluded.

Source, Decision Magazine

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