More than 30 children were injured with knife by security officer at Chinese school

On Thursday morning, a man attacked with a knife 39 people, 37 children and two adults. This terrible event took place at a kindergarten in southern China.

According to reports from state media,  the attacker was a security guard at the school surnamed Li.

Police officers deteined the susptect and they also opened an investigation of the case to know exactly the cause of the attack.

State broadcaster CCTV, three people had serious injuries. Among those people are the head of the school, a child and  another security officer.

It is not the first time

The attack was an eerie throwback to deadly attacks at schools in China over past years that prompted security upgrades and that authorities have blamed largely on people bearing grudges or who had unidentified mental illnesses.

In October 2018, in the western city of Chongqing, a woman wielding a knife also injured 14 children at a kindergarten.

And if it was not enough, another 20 children were victims during school attacks in 2010. These repeted fatal event prompted a response from top government officials. Besides that, many schools principals decided to add gates and security guards to their schools to protect their lives and their students’.

However, in this time, the attacker was a person that was supposed to provide protection to people in his workplace.

In China, the majority of mass attacks are done with knives or homemade explosives due to the law bans the sale and possession of firearms.


Source: CBN News

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