Missionary dies believing he was a failure, 84 years later a shocking discovery proves he left treasures hidden in the jungle

William H. Leslie, a medical missionary, decided to go to a remote area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to develop his calling.

For about 17 years, he lived and shared the love of God with tribal people, but feeling sad and discouraged because he thought he failed to make an impact for Christ, he decided to return to the U.S.

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Eric Ramsey and his team with Tom Cox World Ministries in 2010, made a shocking discovery that proved Dr Leslie´s seed gave tremendous fruit.  They found a network of reproducing churches hidden in the dense jungle across the Kwilu River from Vanga, where Dr. Leslie was stationed.

At first, Ramsey thought the people in this remote area might have heard about Jesus without a complete understanding of who He is. However, what he found changed his mind.

“When we got in there, we found a network of reproducing churches throughout the jungle,” Ramsey reports. “Each village had its own gospel choir, although they wouldn’t call it that,” he notes. “They wrote their own songs and would have sing-offs from village to village.”

Apparently, Dr. Leslie crossed the Kwilu River once a year from Vanga and spent a month traveling through the jungle, carried by servants in a sedan chair.

When Ramsey returned home he did some additional investigation and discovered Dr. Leslie was affiliated with the American Baptist Missionary Union.

Source: God reports

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