Ministry Offers Free Bibles to Kanye’s Fans after “Jesus is King” Album Caused ‘Jesus’ to Trend on Google

According to Google data, Kanye West was the No. 1 trending topic on Google on the day he released his album on Friday, Oct. 25, while “Jesus” ranked No. 4. Among specific search queries, “Jesus is King” ranked fourth. “What do Christians believe?” also saw a spike that week.

And there is more! After this information, a well-known ministry offered free Bibles to Kanye´s fans.

The American Bible Society says it is offering free Bibles to Kanye’s fans who fill out a form on the organization’s website.

The American Bible Society, the press release said, “hopes to aid those with questions by offering free access to the Bible.”

The group got the idea from Google data that showed a spike in searches for information about Christianity the week the album “Jesus is King” was released.

John Farquhar Plake is the director of ministry intelligence at American Bible Society. In a press release, he said ‘Jesus is King’ was a trending internet search last week with over 1 million queries on Google alone.”

Source: Christian Headlines

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